The information in this database is for Fiscal Year 2021.  The Assessments are as of January 1, 2020.

The Tax Rates for Fiscal Year 2021 are:

Residential (Res) = $12.70

Commercial,Industrial, and Personal Property (CIP) = $20.63

Prior Fiscal Year (FY) Tax Rates: FY2020 Res=$13.02 CIP=$21.03 , FY2019 Res=$13.15 CIP=$21.08 , FY2018 Res=$13.31 CIP=$21.42 , FY2017 Res=$13.32 CIP=$21.22 , FY2016 Res=$13.09 CIP=$20.81 , FY2015 Res=$12.90 CIP=$20.50 , FY2014 Res=$12.61 CIP=$19.91 , FY2013 Res=$12.76 CIP=$20.57 , FY2012 Res=$12.12 CIP=$19.50 , FY2011 Res=$11.40 CIP=$18.30 , FY2010 Res=$10.30 CIP=$16.48 , FY2009 Res=$9.76 CIP=$15.57 , FY2008 Res=$8.93 CIP=$14.08 , FY2007 Res=$8.31 CIP=$13.05 , FY2004 Res=$10.51 CIP=$16.33

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